2022 Impact Report

We are proud to release our first Impact Report.

In 2021, we became a proud Public Benefit Corporation and pledged to make plant-based foods that are gentle on humans, the planet and all of its inhabitants. We created a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that allows us to measure KPIs such as Carbon Emissions Equivalents (CO2e) and Water Consumption, per ingredient and aggregated per product. Below is a summary of our findings.

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So many vegetables— It’s basically a salad.

No dairy, no nuts, no soy… no, seriously. LOCA is plant-based queso made from vegetables that tastes just like the heavily-processed, junk food jarred cheese you cherished in childhood—but made better for humans and the planet. Made with nutrient-dense, climate-friendly ingredients, LOCA brings everyone to the table! 

Why Plant-Based Cheese Sauce?

Dairy cheese sauce has been an American favorite since 1949. It’s found everywhere; grocery stores, restaurants, sports arenas, movie theaters, hospitals, schools and gas stations. It’s more popular today than ever before! 

We created a solution.

We made a nutrient-dense, vegetable-rich, allergy-free, delicious cheese sauce by using climate-friendly ingredients and a new, more sustainable manufacturing process.

We use some of the most nutrient-dense, adaptable food crops on earth.

We use 52% less CO2e in lifecycle and 79% less water in production in comparison to retail dairy cheese.

LOCA is climate resilient. As climate change continues to increase temperature, pests, disease, and carbon levels while decreasing our water supply, the future of agriculture has to prepare for these changes.

Our framework was custom built and cross referenced across multiple datasets. All the competitor data we have compiled is publicly available. We’re continuously improving and we’re just getting started. We spent nearly 2 years perfecting our LOCA 3.0 formula and identifying ways to further reduce our carbon footprint by methods of manufacturing, ingredient sourcing, packaging and distribution. With each new year, we hope to make LOCA even more sustainable, nutritious and accessible for all. 

And we're just getting started.